You Need A Sales Page Not A Website

It’s almost comical how not too long ago, marketers and business owners doubted the impact and influence Facebook could have on sales. Boy, were they wrong.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook? Sure, Facebook is free, and you can use its free features to build a community of loyal followers. You can create a page and offer rewards or savings. Or you can even create a group (in addition to your company page) that offers support and tips for your customers.

For lots of marketers and freelancers, landing pages are something outlandish. I know they were for me when I first started my freelance business! While the concept of a landing page seems pretty simple, it’s any standalone page distinct from your website and aimed at generating leads or driving traffic to other pages of your site — putting it into practice can be way more complex.

Landing pages can be very potent and rewarding marketing tools, but only when you use them right. For PPC campaigns, driving event traffic, enticing people to enroll in an email newsletter, and even promoting new products or business launches, landing pages are your secret weapon.

If you are wondering how to use landing pages and how they can enrich your marketing strategy and your business in the longer run, there are three clever tactics you need to employ.

You need to create a new landing page for just about every campaign you run, as it will make it easier for people to find more information. . Landing pages are most commonly used as destinations for PPC campaigns and can go a long way toward boosting your results. Just be sure that you’ve researched your keywords and target audience thoroughly before you build the page.

Use your landing pages to provide customer segment decisions, because they dovetail beautifully with social media marketing. Regardless of whether you use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to run your promotions, a landing page can help make them more efficient.

Before you build landing pages to complement your SMM strategy, make sure you’ve come up with a compelling offer and a unique value proposition. Remember that landing pages aren’t the place to make a hard-sale or wax poetic about how great your brand is. Social media is an organic platform, and landing pages should follow suit. Keep it natural and user-focused for the best results.

Also, use your landing pages to capture emails, especially if you want to build your email list. Ideal for giving away free content like eBooks and downloadable lists, landing pages provide the room to give an in-depth value proposition without cluttering your website or social feed.

Even when you’re using landing pages to build your email subscribers, though, you’ll want to keep brevity in mind. Yes, landing pages provide a good opportunity to share long-form offers with your leads, but they should still be concise, to-the-point, and respectful of the reader’s time.

So, answered is the question, “How can I make money with Facebook?’’.

My name is Andrei Cimbru and I’m the co-founder of Rigas Media, a digital consulting company that loves helping aesthetic physicians and cosmetic clinics thrive in the online world by creating results-based digital marketing systems that provide a measurable ROI on their marketing efforts.