How Hiring A Marketing Agency Can Help You Grow Faster

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

I would say it’s more work and returns than spending actually. Managing a social media platform for your business can sure be a lot of work sometimes, especially if you are a busy entrepreneur. There is no law that says you have to do it yourself. Sometimes, you need to give room for experts to do all the work for you, in order that the returns be much greater than when you would have had to spearhead everything.

How does Facebook pay per click advertising work? Well, you don’t need to worry about that if you have an agency, do you? Ad automation software enables smaller groups of marketers to execute large-scale campaigns in ways that help them achieve scale and efficiency, but the number and complexity of resources needed to get maximum performance out of your Facebook ad campaign can’t be underestimated.There will always be a need for agencies to fill in the gaps to carry out various levels of marketing activity for companies of all sizes. Likewise, there will always be those organizations who believe that owning all advertising operations internally is the only way to execute the most profitable program.

Partnering with an agency gives you a stronger chance of reaching your Facebook advertising goals than opting to keep your operations entirely in-house.

When you hire an agency to help you with your Facebook marketing tool, you would be flinging doors open for yourself to receive and get socially acquainted with a diversity of clients. Smart agencies take the learnings from various clients and industries and leverage those best practices across other client campaigns. This brings greater value, creativity, and innovative testing to the companies they serve.

Best practices should always be challenged to make sure you’re truly optimizing your campaigns.One of the best ways to do that is to have broad visibility into the Facebook ecosystem and the many verticals it serves, which is tough to do if you’re an in-house advertiser representing one point of view.

Agility. Sure, they can have your campaign up and running in days, and if you need to diverge from the original plan, they can expertly analyze how your campaign results will be affected.

But what this really means is that it is our business to adapt to the constantly evolving ad ecosystem. To do good work, to produce amazing results for our clients, the agency assumes that changes are in the works and they must hustle to understand the right way to stay ahead of the curve.

The right agency is open to risk-taking and loves getting their hands dirty by pushing tools and budgets to the limit to reach and exceed campaign goals. For example, when Facebook moved to the Facebook pixel away from the Conversion Pixel, our agency knew ahead of time that this was happening and planned a seamless transition so that tracking was unaffected for our clients.

Even if you already have someone taking care of your social media, a Facebook Ad Agency doesn’t have to replace your staff. Your internal marketing staff is a huge asset to an agency. They provide access to:

  • Important creative collateral
  • Direct communication with decision makers
  • Brand expertise
  • Visibility on budget and spending power

All of these would be virtually impossible for an agency to secure without the help of at least one point person. Simply put–if an agency can’t access even something as simple as the brand’s image catalog, they’re not going to be able to do their job. Bring your team in to collaborate with and help manage that agency, and you’ll see far more success.

People who work at agencies are not “in-the-box” thinkers. Perhaps they’ve worked at big companies in the past and shed that lifestyle for the freedom and creativity allotted by agency work. By in large, agencies better foster creativity and alternative thinking than in-house counterparts. Most agency employees have a great deal of diversity in their schooling, work experience, and lifestyle. This can be a huge positive for your business because it opens considerably more thought processes.

The question, then, isn’t if you can afford an experienced marketing agency, but rather how much are you costing yourself in time, money and lost opportunity by trying to do this in-house. So why should you hire a marketing agency?

Because the right agency, backed by clear metrics and working towards concrete goals can help you take your business to a whole new level that can impact your business revenue, the happiness of your staff and also your reputation in the local community.

My name is Andrei Cimbru and I’m the co-founder of Rigas Media, a digital consulting company that loves helping aesthetic physicians and cosmetic clinics thrive in the online world by creating results-based digital marketing systems that provide a measurable ROI on their marketing efforts.