How to passively bring an extra $52000 per year into your Medical Practice

How awesome would it be to make an extra $52k per year with your med spa or cosmetic practice with just one small tweak to your website?

Think about that for a minute.

Most doctors have a website and a facebook page yet they don’t know how to use these two properly to capitalize on their combined strength.

This is what most do wrong:

1. They share their website everywhere to people (groups, advertising, direct mail with links, yellow pages, yelp etc) and think that people will miraculously know what to do with that info. Most people that land on your homepage see a lot of information about you and how awesome you are as a doctor. But they don’t get a clear offer of what’s in it for them and why they should pick you out of hundreds of other doctors in the local area. Maybe you have that info hidden somewhere in a tab but let’s face it, with the short attention span that everyone has online most likely people will not bother to search deeper (unless it’s an emergency, and then they just go with the first option they find).

2. They post a lot on their Facebook Business Page but don’t know that almost nobody will ever see their posts. On 12th of January Facebook killed the organic reach of business pages to make more room for content from friends, family and sponsored content in an attempt to eliminate clickbait headlines and scammy websites from appearing in people’s newsfeed. Unfortunately, that means that now your business is also almost invisible to everyone on Facebook. So let’s say that you have 1000 followers on your page. Even if you post consistently each day you might reach just 5-20% of your audience whenever you post something.

Now, this sounds that Facebook is bad for business but it actually isn’t… if you know how to take advantage of this information and build a system that works in your favor. You can have 0 followers on your facebook page and don’t need to post consistently to stay relevant and still get patients and make money throughout the whole year. Just have a couple of posts to show people that you are not a fake page is enough.

Let me explain how to build a strategy that brings you an extra $50k per year using your website and Facebook:

1. The Facebook Pixel: This is the next best thing after having an email list. You can capture any person’s info that has ever visited your website. If they have a Facebook account and they visit your website, their information will be stored in the pixel code. You can’t access that information to check phone numbers or emails. It’s just code.

2. For example, let’s say from all the traffic you get all year long you have 2000 visitors (5 per day) that land on your website page. It’s a low estimate but a fair one for just organic reach. Even if they see your page for just 1 second they get recorded in the pixel. It means that in one way or another they were interested in some aesthetic or medical services. Maybe just shopping around, looking for info, curiosity, boredom etc.

3. Now you can use your pixel to record and retarget those people with a clear offer that you have available in your clinic. Let’s say it’s a laser hair removal.

4. You can now build a landing page that displays a map to your practice, some reviews you have, the offer you can give, its benefits and a clear call to action where people can submit their info so they get the coupon code to redeem the laser hair removal offer.

5. Now you go to your Facebook business page and you build an ad with an interesting image, a clear message and a strong call to action. And you set it to display only to the people that ever visited your website (those 2000 people for example). This has a huge advantage because whenever that list of people updates (2001, 2002, 2003 …) they will automatically see your offers later without you needing to do anything else like going back to tweak your campaigns.

6. Retargeting ads are also much, much cheaper than normal ads because you’re telling Facebook directly who are the people who should be seeing the offer (website visitors) so no money is wasted on training the algorithm to learn more about your audience. Depending on the area where you live, a cost per click for a retargeting ad can be just a couple of cents.

7. Now you have a clear offer and a strong reason for people to visit your practice because when they see the retargeting ad and click to go to your landing page they “GET IT”. They understand what’s the benefit of you being their aesthetic physician and what offer they can take to see if you are a good fit for them.

8. And then it’s all up to your communication skills to create a relationship with that patient once he or she is in your chair and explain them other services they might need down the road. You can also follow up with them through automated email sequences so you can keep the relationship warm all year long.

Now let’s say that your average patient value is $1300 per year. This is something that you should know as a doctor. It might vary from practice to practice.

From those 2000 people that see your retargeting ad. Low estimate 200 people click it (10%). 150 sign up. 80 actually show up to your practice. Half of those initial visitors (40) just take the laser hair removal voucher and don’t want anything else after. These people you need to warm them up more with your email list. One email per month just to be on their radar. Emails can contain a success story, an event, offers, etc. Because eventually, they will need cosmetic touch-ups. And who do you think will be on their mind when there’s an emergency? Some new doctor or you that has been engaging with them once per month at least?

And you also have the other 40 people that need more services right after the laser hair removal treatment. Maybe some want body contouring, acnee treatment, spider vein removal. Depending on what your recommendations are as a professional.

In the end, with this small tweak to your website, you got 40 extra people a year that on average will bring you $1300.

That’s $52000 extra you made per year with just adding one element to your website: the Facebook Pixel. This is money you wouldn’t have ever generated before if you didn’t have it installed.

Set this up on your website and feel free to steal my strategy and use it in your practice.

My name is Andrei Cimbru and I’m the co-founder of Rigas Media, a digital consulting company that loves helping aesthetic physicians and cosmetic clinics thrive in the online world by creating results-based digital marketing systems that provide a measurable ROI on their marketing efforts.